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Apply to be Apart of the Mehall Contracting Family!

Benefits of Working at Mehall Contracting

Not much Experience, but still want to be a part of our team?

We have a training program and are willing to accept blank canvas candidates if they fit our company culture.

We offer company insurance where we contribute $150 towards your monthly deductible.

We value employee’s home life and leisure. That being said, we offer 80 hours of PTO annually that can be used to whatever extent you need.

Didn’t use all of your PTO one year? No problem, utilize our rollover policy for the next year.

In addition with our health insurance we also offer a dental plan as well. 

Giving a retirement plan for our employees is important to us. We offer a 401(k) plan that matches a certain % of contributions made to the retirement plan.

A giant benefit of being part of the Mehall Contracting Family is the flexibility you have for completing your daily objectives. 

We offer a bonus check for employees who refer someone to work for Mehall Contracting because if we grow our employees should grow with us.

Mehall Contracting is a family oriented company that believes being a parent should always come first. We offer excused leave for new parents entering the exciting world of becoming a parent.

We have stocked fridges ready to keep our employee’s hydrated and well nutrisized.

On the job with no water? No problem, we allow our employees to purchase appropriate fluids with company cards to keep themselves properly hydrated.

We allow our employees to take lunch breaks as part of their days. A needed break to refresh and re-energize is crucial to work satisfaction and should be a part of the job.

Being a family oriented company, giving a holiday bonus around Christmas is important. Mehall Contracting hands out generous Holiday bonuses that rewards a % of how much you have worked in that given year.

We reward our overachievers with overtime pay and double time. If you’re willing to put in those extra hours we will make sure you are compensated appropriately for it.

Want to work on a Holiday? Great! You will earn double your typical pay.

We want to give you the opportunity to celebrate Holidays that are meaningful to you. By doing this we offer flexible Holidays, and have set days where there is no work, so you can kick back, enjoy your family and friends and not worry about anything, while still paying you.

The price of living increases annually and we watch it. To combat the increase in living costs, we offer annual reviews that result in yearly raises to help fight these periods of increased living expenses. 

Company vehicles are supplied so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your car with wear and tear and excessive driving.

We also give gas cards to ensure that you can get where you need to go on OUR dime.

You should never have to use your own personal tools. We make sure that you don’t by setting you up with tool sets and equipment that will give you all the tools you need to be successful.

Core Values

#1 Positive Company Culture

We put our company culture absolutely first! We ensure all applicants fit well into our company’s culture. Our guys consider this a family, and we want to maintain this status and comradery between our team.

Getting up on a Monday should never feel like a hassle, but rather something to look forward to, and this is our goal and responsibility to all of our employees.

#2 Family Oriented

We want you to be there for every milestone, band concert, sports game, and family event possible. As a team we call family we feel it is our duty to be right alongside in priming an environment that you feel comfortable to put your family first.

#3 Employee Growth

We don’t believe in pay ceilings or seniority pay. Our interests are helping our employees grow and advance. The speed that you want to grow is the speed we want to encourage you to go at. 

A core value is to have our employees grow as our company does, and the best way to do this is for the growth to be set as unlimited.


Senior Technician

Good Skills to Have:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical

Job Tasks:

  • Installing Sensors
  • Troubleshooting Water Pretreatment Issues
  • Confined Space Operations
  • Work with Motors
  • Install plumbing equipment
  • PLC Troubleshooting & Operations
  • 4-20 Electrical Equipment

If you are someone who likes independence, is skilled at one of the three trades above, enjoys a laid back atmosphere, and likes working with a tight knit group then this is the job for you!

Basic knowledge of 1 of the 3 trades is recommended. We offer job training that fits our industry and will set you up for success.

Service Technician

Good Skills to Have:

  • 1-2 Years Hand tool Experience

Job Tasks:

  • Minor Installs
  • Routine Service and Maintenance Work
  • Service Routes
  • Independent Work
  • Water Sampling

Service Techs perform service on wastewater pretreatment systems, and are the backbone of the company. The hours are flexible and can give you as many hours as you desire. There is no pay ceiling so hard work and skill will be rewarded.

We have a training program to help make you a great addition to our team.


Apply Here.