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System installations

  • Pretreatment Systems

    Our specialists install pretreatment systems designed to collect, hold, and treat the wastewater before it enters the city's sewer. We typically meet with the engineers and architects during the design phase to assist in the site specific design to simplify the ongoing maintenance and operation.

  • Lift Stations

    Our specialists install this pump station designed to move wastewater, or sewage, from a lower to higher elevation using a collection system.

  • Grease Traps

    Our specialists can install, repair, and thoroughly clean grease traps to capture fats, oils and greases (FOG) before they enter the wastewater system.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Equipment We Do O&M On Found Below

pH Adjusment Systems

Our team provides maintenance to the following pH adjustment equipment:

– Probes

– Recirculation Pumps

– Chemical Pumps

– Flow Switches

– Flow Meters

– Actuated Valves

– Associated Piping

Lift Stations

Our team provides routine maintenance to the following lift station equipment:

– Pumps

– Floats

– Related Piping

Equalization / Holding Tanks

Our team performs  maintenance on the following equalization / holding tank equipment:

– Actuated Valves

– Sensors

– Piping

– Probes

– Related piping


Other Things We Do O&M On

Our team provides maintenance on other equipment such as:

– All Flumes

– Metering Devices

– ISCO Laser Levels

– Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

– Area Velocity Sensors

– pH Probes

Water Sampling

Save time, stress, and money with our expert level routine water sampling service

We Provide Our Own Samplers

Grab Routine Samples and Bring Them to be Tested

Set Samplers to Grab at Time or Flow Proportionates


Our experts will routinely gather water samples and export the samples to labs to be tested. Providing our own samplers, and being on top of the city’s requirements, our service will save you money, and stress. With our technician’s expertise, they will provide maintenance to ensure a working water sampler, and obtain all the required samples themselves, so you can worry less about water and more about what is important to your company!

Self Monitoring Reports

We Prepare Monthly SMRs for

Our team prepares monthly SMRs from pH and flow data collected throughout the month for whatever city’s SMR standard your business operates in.

Regulatory Assistance

Wastewater compliance can be intimidating, that's why we're here to help!

Emergency Calls

We provide after hour emergency calls for repairs, emergency shutdowns, pH violations and more!

Prepare Responses to Violations

We prepare responses to notices of violations and administration orders (NOV/AO) for your designated city.

Attend Meetings to Help Translate

We will go to related NOV/AO meetings with you to assist with translating requirements asked by the city, FREE.

We Want to Help, Just Ask!

If you have a question, or wonder if we can fit your needs, give us a call.