Meet Our Team!

Todd Mehall

Todd Mehall is the president and founded the company in 2008.  His degrees are in Hydrogeology and Business.  He is the holder of the A-Engineering and L-57 Wrecking contractors licenses.  He has been involved in the environmental and construction industry for over 25 years in the Phoenix metro area.  Todd personally assist each client with regulatory issues, meetings, and other challenges related to their ongoing compliance.

Dan Smith

Dan is the Vice President and Director of Construction Services at Mehall Contracting. Dan & Todd have been working together since October 2009. He has over 25 years in the construction and mechanical industries. Dan, the lead operator, oversees all the construction related projects and system installs to ensuring quality and efficiency. 

Matt Simpson

Matt is the Director of Field Services.  He has over 20 years experience in the mechanical and controls industry.  He has been with Mehall since January 2012 and oversees the daily operation of the service, sampling, emergency calls, repairs, and installs.