Compliance & Safety

Good Safety is Good Business

Mehall Contracting can help make workplaces and communities healthier, happier, and better prepared to deal with all operational needs. We provide support for all environmental compliance, health & safety issues including but not limited to: a Notice of Violation, identifying and preparing required reports and training, disposal of wastes, ongoing monitoring/services or spill response and cleanup.  We are a professional service organization that provides workplace safety consulting, training, staffing, program planning and implementation.   Our services give you remarkable flexibility in meeting your needs. We have the resources and depth to respond to assignments quickly.

Navigating the complex federal and state OSHA laws is not an easy task. Let our professionals take the hassle and headache out of complying with regulations. Safety is a smart business decision. Considering the costs of an injury and safety is the right thing to do, investing in a safety program or manual is a competitive edge no business should be without. Whether you need new safety programs or just an update of your current safety manual to meet new requirements, Mehall Contracting will develop the program you need. When developing a safety and health program, our advisors work with the customer to draft a specialized set of standards, policies, procedures, and a plan to implement it. The potential safety program components are based on standards from OSHA, best practices, and experiences of our field personnel. Through collaboration with the customer, the actual individualized components of the program are selected and incorporated.

Whether you’re in search of workplace safety training to meet OSHA compliance requirements, or in need of guidance on getting your company compliant within your industry, don’t wait for an emergency.   Learn more about how Mehall Contracting can help your company today!

Environmental Compliance – It doesn’t have to be Bad

For corporations, compliance feels a bit like a nosey parent asking too many questions and getting in the way of what it is you want to do.  At best, it amounts to someone (usually government) telling you what to do and leaving you holding the bill. At worst, it can blindside you, and leave you limping in your race against competitors.

Being in Compliance doesn’t have to be a painful process and Mehall Contracting can help you navigate through the maze of government regulations and ease the process so your company is safe, protected and can continue to focus on providing the services you provide…without interruption.

Mehall Contracting is committed to achieving the required level of environmental protection for its customers by using a combination of traditional and innovative regulatory approaches to assure compliance.

Mehall Contracting will act as a central point of contact for all our customers seeking information and assistance from the department including:

  • Chemical Inventory
  • Tier II
  • Storm water pollution prevention plan
  • Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control Plan
  • Safety Program
  • Form R
  • Facility Annual Reports
  • Safety Training, OSHA 40 hour, 10 hour, 8 hour, respirator fit testing, confined space lock out tag out
  • Response to NOV
  • Wastewater system install and reporting

Contact Mehall Contracting today to learn how we can help you become compliant!