Scrap Metal Recycling Phoenix AZ

Scrap Metal Recycling Phoenix AZ

Scrap Metal Recycling Phoenix AZ Provided By Mehall ContractingScrap metal comprises about 20% of the total solid waste dumped into landfills. Although they do disintegrate on their own, it takes a very long time and they turn into very harmful substances, such as rust, that may seep into ground water. There are a lot of reasons why scrap metal recycling in Phoenix AZ is important.

There are virtually no cons in scrap metal recycling as metal may be recycled continuously to no end without any bad effects to its quality. Producing metal products from recycled material only consumes 25% of energy compared to what is needed when creating metal products from fresh raw materials. Pollutants released into the environment is a whole lot less in recycling than in using fresh materials. The dangerous industry of mining for iron ores and harmful practice of refining metal is significantly minimized, if not totally eliminated.

Finding A Scrap Metal Removal Company

Opting for scrap metal recycling rather than dumping them, and relying on the mining and refining industries will have a huge impact on saving the environment. Air, soil, land and water pollution will be reduced. Integrity of soil and the natural habitats of wildlife will be preserved when mining for ores is brought to a halt. The adverse effects of harvesting and refining petroleum products will also be significantly reduced because of the lesser energy consumption in recycling.

Benefits Of Scrap Metal Recycling

There are also economical benefits from scrap metal recycling  in Phoenix AZ. In 2008 alone, the United States exported recycled metal amounting to almost $30 billion to other countries all over the world. The recycling industry creates much needed jobs which are not dangerous and harmful as those created by the mining and refining industries. Recycling scrap metal is also financially beneficial to homeowners. Most, if not all, recycling centers offer cash incentives to those who opt to recycle their scrap metals rather than dump them. There are companies that offer pick up service to make recycling a really convenient and beneficial experience.

Do your part in helping save the environment. It does not only feel good but you can earn extra cash as well. Instead of letting those loads of scrap metal deteriorate and turn to rust, contact Mehall Contracting today. We offer a wide range of recycling services such as scrap metal recycling Phoenix AZ.

No need to worry about transporting your scrap metal recycling in Phoenix AZ. Mehall Contracting will supply cleanup and transportation for you.

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