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Remediation Of Properties Soil

When you’re in need of environmental remediation or soil remediation for your property, whether you’re trying to redevelop on a previously used industrial site or just clean up the soil, sediment, or ground and surface water, you should look into hiring a company that specializes in remediation to ensure the job is done properly, the first time.

Mehall Contracting Can Redevelop Your Property with Soil RemediationRemediation of a brownfield site, or your currently used property, is a very regulated process, as it is vital to the health and safety of not just the workers involved in the process but the people around the area as well. Soil remediation is a lengthy process, and one that should not be undertaken lightly. First, the materials should be prepared properly, fed through a machine that blends and screens them. This feeding should be careful, to minimize any potential inconsistencies. Because soils that are contaminated with hydrocarbons often contain pockets wherein contamination is greater than in other areas, this blending process minimizes those inconsistencies to ensure a more uniform remediation and achievement of the proper cleaning level. And this is only the beginning of this type of environmental remediation.

Different Type Of Soil Remediation

Once the soil has been blended to even out the level of contaminants found within, there are different types of remediation processes that can be utilized. For instance, the soil remediation can take place on site (in-situ) or off site (ex-situ) depending on the circumstance. Surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation (SEAR) relies on the injection of agents that diminish hydrocarbon contaminants within the soil; the SEAR approach is a highly effective form of remediation of contaminated soils in industrial sites, but requires that the land and its geological formations allow for this type of treatment. It has also seen great success when used as the first step in a many-pronged attack on soil contaminants, wherein SEAR is followed up by in-situ oxidation, soil vapor extraction or bioremediation enhancement.

Groundwater that has been contaminated can be extracted, and then remediated – this is known as the pump and treat method. For this form of environmental remediation, the contaminated groundwater that has been pumped via a submersible pump, or a vacuum pump, is slowly cleaned, purifying it for treatment. The purification process leads the contaminated water through a series of chambers wherein materials that remove the contaminants from the water through adsorption await. Different contaminants warrant different adsorption materials, and sand filters or air stripping may also be utilized.

Learning About Soil Contamination

Because of the very disparate means of soil remediation that are highly dependent on the type of contamination as well as the geological restrictions of the area – not to mention determining whether the task can be handled by simply removing the contaminated substances altogether – it’s always your best bet to hire a company with skill, experience and knowledge of the different ways you can remediate your industrial property.

The very importance of environmental remediation, not just for the environment but for general, overall human health, means that doing the job right, the first time, is not just ideal – it’s necessary.

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