Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Phoenix AZ

Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies in Phoenix AZ


Mehall Contracting is a Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies Phoenix AZHazardous waste disposal companies in Phoenix AZ handle dangerous waste products that might pollute the environment, and they do so in responsible ways. Mehall Contracting meets or exceeds all government regulations regarding the responsible handling of hazardous materials. The company not only provides these services for small and large operations, but also helps people realize a profit for their recycling efforts.

Dangers of Hazardous Waste

The things people throw away often have a detrimental effect on the environment, and the category is not confined to medical waste. Dangerous materials fall into four categories.

  • Corrosive
  • Ignitable
  • Toxic
  • Reactive

Mehall Contracting is of one of the foremost hazardous waste disposal companies Phoenix AZ. Our employees have the experience and facilities to handle all types of dangerous waste from consumers, business, and industry. Construction projects in the Phoenix area demand a high level of environmental responsibility, since the region frequently leads the nation in Eco-friendly projects and consumer commitment to environmental causes.

Universal Waste

Universal waste can be generated from homes and businesses. These dangerous materials often contain mercury, lead, cadmium and other pollutants that can poison the ground, air, and water. Airborne pollutants get into the air and mix with water vapor to form acid rain, one of the most common effects of hazardous waste. The rain distributes toxins throughout the environment. Batteries, fluorescent bulbs, chemical products, aerosol cans that are not empty, and many electronic devices are typical examples of hazardous waste that cannot be legally discarded with regular trash.

Electronic Waste

Household and businesses generate ever-increasing amounts of electronic waste, requiring the services of Phoenix hazardous waste disposal companies. These items include computers, old television sets, office electronics, mobile phones and devices, and refrigerators. Many of these items can be repaired or salvaged for recyclable materials. Responsible management of waste not only reduces dangerous toxins, but also keeps these items out of landfills, extending their life and usefulness. Computers and monitors have arsenic, lead, cadmium and PCBs. Cell phones feature a big list of toxins and recyclable materials for such small devices—arsenic, antimony, beryllium, lead, nickel, copper, cadmium and zinc.

Special Waste

Special wastes require expert handling to identify contaminated areas, remove the waste without spreading the damage, and process the waste acceptably. Hazardous waste disposal companies in Arizona can identify contaminated soil from petroleum products or auto shredding operations, contain the damage, and process the soil. Examples of special waste include the following materials.

  • Mining or excavation waste
  • Oil and gas spills
  • Cement kiln dust
  • Utility waste

Waste disposal affects everyone on the planet, and companies and individuals face severe penalties for improperly discarding hazardous materials. That it is wise to contact a hazardous waste disposal company in Phoenix like Mehall Contracting.

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