About Us

Choosing Mehall Contacting is as if you have chosen to work with a trusted partner. We are experts in all your Construction, Environmental Compliance/Health & Safety, Waste Management, and Recycling needs, but we will also find ways to make you money! Our customers enjoy the expertise and knowledge of a large construction firm, but with the personalized attention of a niche firm. The size of our company allows us to have our owners directly involved in each project which gives you comfort that your project is our priority. No job is too small or too unique – we will never say “no” because we know how to get things done.

At Mehall Contracting, we don’t want to be the biggest firm; we just want to be



At Mehall Contracting, no problem is too small or too unique. We specialize in the “Uncommon” and pride ourselves on finding ways to make you money. We will become your constant resource in finding affordable solutions to all demolition, construction, compliance and environmental challenges. Mehall Contracting can serve as a stable partner during times of management turnover, or your consistent provider in routine, everyday maintenance needs. Just tell us your vision, and we can help you create it.

To view some of our work, click on our ‘Project Profile” page or contact us directly to discuss your project. 480.368.2801 or tmehall@mehallcontracting.com